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i am neun, a designer based in the south of germany. neun creates unique appearances, tactile experiences and digital ventures.
for small clients to big businesses.
unique appearance
together we define the identity of your company, product or brand: discover your values and formulate a visual language to communicate – don't be that boring everyone.
Corporate Identity
Corporate Design
tactile experience
neun loves physical products: aesthetics, design, feeling and presentation. the materials and way of production are as important as the design itself – sometimes the only thing necessary.
Editorial & Books
digital ventures
take it to the next level: neun helps to develop user centric services by research & analysis, design + development, testing and continuous optimization.
Dynamic Prototyping
User Testing
way of working
you and me. in close collaboration* neun delivers individual solutions that strive for clarity, functionality and emotions.
from start to where the journey goes – neun belives in honest, long-lasting partnerships.
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